Saturday, February 13, 2010


Human rights abuses have been a part of a campaign by the Indian army against Muslim Kashmiris, particularly since 1990. The abuse is manifested in the following types of violations: "disappearances," torture, and the rape and molestation of Muslim women.
India's official position is that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Pakistan's official position is that Kashmir is a disputed territory whose final status must be determined by the people of Kashmir. Certain Kashmiri independence groups believe that Kashmir should be independent of both India and Pakistan.

The Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir has been in stife from the confrontation between the Indian Armed Forces ,militants and separatists .Furthermore India alleges these militants are supported by Pakistan .This turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir has resulted in thousands of deaths.[4],however the insurgency over the past two decades has died down said by the Indian government.

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