Monday, February 14, 2011

Unexploded Shell Kills 3 of a Kashmiri Family

Srinagar, Feb 14, 2011: Three members of a family were killed and two others injured when an unexploded shell went off in Srinagar, Kashmir, India, February, 14, 2011.
Five months before a fierce encounter between Muslim militants and Indian army had taken place here and heavy army shelling had destroyed a militant hide-out resulting in the death of two militants.
Reports said that 14 year old Noor Muhammad Bhat, son of a scrap dealer was trying to hammer an unexploded shell mistaking it for used ammunition, when it went off with a bang late on Sunday. The explosion blew up Noor and his 11 year old sister Bisma in the smithereens. Their 4 year-old sibling Muskaan, grievously injured, succumbed at a hospital on Monday, February, 14, 2011. Their mother and another of their sisters were battling for lives in hospitals in Srinagar. The police suspect the children might had lifted the explosive from the river bed near the encounter site.

On October 21, last year, there was an encounter between the militants and the security forces in Maloora. The operation headed by the police was supported by the army and CRPF. The security forces used shells and the militants hurled grenades during the exchange of fire. Some three houses were damaged in the gun-battle.

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